CNC Engraving & Milling Machine

Major parts of the machine are made of graded casting, basic structure consist well ribbed bed and gantry which offers vibration-free smooth movement of X & Y slides and the whole machine is mounted on heavy duty fabrication.
CNC Engraving and Milling Machine

Standard Accessories

  • PC-CNC Controller with PC
  • Sets of Collets
  • Machine Lamp
  • 0.15 HP Coolant Pump with fittings
  • Operation Manual

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PC CNC Controller

  • PC-CNC Controller enables to use EMC2 standard G-Codes for 3D operations & ‘Print’ Command from any favorite application for 2.5D Engraving operation. The controller can process any design of 3D G-codes using USB controller.
  • Simple USB cable is required between PC and the machine.
  • Preset but expandable material menu, positioning of a job, keyboard controls for axis moves, Z surfacing, home switch handling, flexible start position, acceleration/deceleration setup and control, spindle motor on/off control, and easy controls for speed, depth and dwell.
  • Compatible with Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, EngraveLab, Vinyl Express, IntelliCAD, DesignCad etc.


This versatile machine finds application in mfg. of control panels, name plates, sign making, gift articles, momentos, engraving for rubber stereos, embossing dies, vacuum forming dies, small dies & punches, electrodes for spark erosion and capable to do light milling work etc


Technical Specifications

Table Overall Size mm 600 X 560
Nos. of T-slots / size / centre distance mm 5 / 12 / 105
Table load capacity Kg 100
Moving Unit L M Guideways and Precision Ball Screws on all axes
Working Range
X - axis travel mm 500
Y - axis travel mm 500
Z - axis travel mm 150
Axes feed rate mm / min 0.1 ~ 1000
Rapid traverse m / min 2.5
Spindle speed rpm 2800
Axes motors 4.5Nm stepper motors with micro stepping drives
Spindle motor Watt 560 Watts / 3Ph AC
Power supply 415V / 50Hz / 3Ph AC
Tools End Mills / Drills
Collets ER 20 – suitable to hold Ø10 tool
Machine Weight Kg 500 (approx)