Portable Universal Radial Drill UR50

‘ARSUN’ UR Series of Portable Radial Drill with Universal Drill Head is most suitable for drilling operations on heavy and sizeable components which require quick and efficient preparations in terms of capacity as well as accuracy.
Universal Radial Drill Machine UR50

Standard Equipment

  • Set of Sleeves - Morse 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 2/1
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Machine Lifting Arrangement at Column Top
  • Electrical suitable for 415V/50Hz/3Ph AC Supply
  • Tool Kit for Machine Operation & Maintenance
  • Operation, Maintenance & Parts Manual

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ARSUN has developed a Portable Radial Drill with Universal Drill-head, which is designed to offer rigidity, precision and flexibility to drill at any angular direction. The drill head swivels on 2 planes - 90º Up & 90º Down, and its 360º rotational movement makes possible the drilling operation at any angular direction. The model UR50 is having 50-mm drilling capacity in steel.

Its Arm Up/Down movement, Arm Traverse movement, Drill-Head Swiveling (90º up/down) movements, column traverse movement along bed - all movements are motorized, which offers fatigue free easy location while drilling.

It has wide range of 15-speeds and 6-power feeds makes the machine suitable for drilling, tapping, reaming operations within its full working range and various positions of arm and drill head.

This machine is designed for drillling, reaming and tapping operations on components of large machine tools and forming machines, turbines, generators, compressors, different kind of steel constructions, boilers, containers, chemical equipments, furnases of cement plants, ship building, etc.


Salient Features

  • Heavy duty – 50mm drilling in steel at any angular direction.
  • The drill-head rotates 360º and swivels 90º up & 90º down.
  • Wide range of 15-speeds and 6-power feeds for drilling, tapping and reaming operations.
  • While depth drilling, auto feed disengages at preset depth (positive stop) and at too high drilling pressure.
  • Arm up/down, arm traverse, head tilting, head swiveling, column (sleeve) locking and column traverse on bed – all movements are motorized with easy remote control.
  • Rapid travel for column movement on bed, arm traverse and arm up/down movement.
  • Remote control of all machine functions including elevating, traversing, tilting and sleeve locking operations from pendent control.
  • Well adequately ribbed bed, saddle, inner column, arms and drill-head offer maximum rigidity and minimum deflection.
  • Extra rigid machine ideally suitable for large & stationary jobs and for site drilling work.

Technical Specifications

Drilling in steel mm 50
Drilling in grey Cast Iron mm 65
Taping in steel   M48
Drilling Spindle
Drilling head swivel   360°
Angle of arm rotation   360°
Angle of drill head swivel from horizontal upwards & downwards   90°
Taper in spindle   MT5
Spindle travel - max mm 350
Nos. of spindle speed Nos. 15
Spindle speed range rpm 16 ~ 800
Nos. of power fpeed Nos. 6
Power feed range mm / rev 0.05 ~ 0.5
Working Range
Vertical displacement of arm - max mm 1250
Horizontal movement of arm - max mm 900
Vertical traverse of Arm mm 700
Spindle reach - max / min ( distance of spindle axes from column face with spindle in vertical position - max / min ) mm 2070 / 1170
Drilling radius with spindle in vertical position - max / min mm 2270 / 1370
Distance from spindle nose to floor level - max / min mm 1555 / 305
Column travel along bed mm 1200
Main electric motor kw 4
Total electric power required kw 10.25
Overall size of clamping bed mm 2630 x 1050 x 260
Max working dimensions of the machine - length x width x height mm 5740 x 4540 x 3400
  kg 6800 (approx)